I have spent a fair bit of time back-backing in various places around the world. The freedom you get with backpacking is what I love as you can change destinations as you wish, which normally happens when you meet other people and they suggest going to certain places. The places you stay are generally very very cheap, but its normally for a very short term.

On my travels I have been to India, Nepal, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, the USA and Malawi. There are many stories which I intend to recount and put on here in time, such as flying into Manilla when they were having a coup and seeing burning buildings everywhere! (I left the country straight away!)

For now I have uploaded some pictures of my travels. unfortunately I had one of those Kodak Disk cameras when I first started (remember them!!), as it was so very small. However you couldn't get film for it, and the quality was very poor. The only photos I got in Australia were a few I took with a throwaway camera. lately I have got a lot better, taking a video camera to Malawi, and an APS.

Asia Australia
USA Africa

When I did my masters degree at Plymouth, I joined the Mountaineering club and Expo and Travel club, hoping to get some days away in the country, climbing and walking. Unfortunately Mountaineering did not manage to do much of this, however Expo and Travel were very well organised and had a very good group of members that were fun and good to get on with.This page details the year i had with them when i climbed 11 peaks and went all over the UK.

Expo and Travel

Here is an Interesting set of pictures I came across

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