Other Stuff


A page which lists all the winners and runners up in European football competitions. The most successful countries are listed, with England still heading the list!! Then the full list of clubs appears, showing how successful they have been in finals. No points for guessing that Real Madrid are number 1! This is created from a spreadsheet I made, to teach myself some of the macro programming in MS Office, and thought I'd put it for everyone to see!!

Dos Commands

A  very dull page which lists all the dos commands available in windows NT. I created this from an output file and uploaded it purely so I would have a reference point when I was working. I have left it as you'll never know when it will come in handy.

The London Inn Movie Quiz

I used to run a movie quiz in the London Inn, Plympton, from 2000 -2001. I used my laptop to plug into a big screen and display pictorial questions. It was very successful and I have put some of the rounds I did online. I haven't put any answers up yet! there are some flash rounds which use to go down very well, as the introduction to each round was very intricate. I stopped the quiz in December 2001, due to exams and haven't started it again yet. I have been asked to, and will probably do a couple in the summer of 2002, however each one took around 10 hours to put together so it takes a lot of organising!!

Sites I have designed

A spoof newspaper I did in January 1998, Monkey Boy News. The concept was quite good and I intended to do a monthly version, however never really finished the first one off!! 

Worth a look!!

I got the idea for this whilst walking on Dartmoor with a girlfriend in 1998. It took me about 6 hours fro start to finish and I was quite happy with it. It did turn into a nightmare, as it proved to very popular, and I was inundated with emails from people who thought I was an expert in it, when in al reality, it was just a good web design exercise!! However it was used by a teacher in LA  to teach her class about the internet and appeared in an Article in the Smithsonian magazine in April 1999. I have not updated it for nearly 3 years though due to work commitments.

A company I am in partnership with a guy I went to school with, Chris Sanders. The site shows all of the professional sites we have designed, and ca be used to contact us if you need a website!!

Westcountry Squash

This site is the one I am most pleased with. I drew all the graphics, which was made easy as the club had a good logo, and was able to utilise squash balls as the navigation buttons, which is very effective.

A database of major mountains in the world. Contains information on all of the Dartmoor tors also!


My first attempt at a Flash site. It took me a few days to create and I created all of the animations myself, which show computer networks effectively. The concept of the PC drawing itself was the first step, and once I had managed to work out how to do it, it was just a case of slogging through!!


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