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This is a list of all the recordings I own. There are some that I have no idea how I got, problems of belonging to those mail order CD firms, when they send you cack CDs and you forget to return them and just get billed! Others have just appeared, and I don't like selling music now, reagrdless of how cack it is, you never know when it may come in handy!

Sadly I sold 40 albums in 1985, whe I was 17, to pay for my motorbike to get fixed, which I have always regretted, as there were some classics in there, including all of Led Zeppelin's albums, most Pink Floyd albums, (which I have now replaced on CD), and some really good early rock albums. Eventually i will get round to replacing them, but haven't yet!

I thought about listing all of the singles included on the Albums I have, but the list would run into over 1,000 tracks, so haven't yet!

Recording Title Recording Artist Year Format
Reckless Adams, Bryan 1983 CD
Moon Safari Air 1998 CD
History - The greatest Hits America 1975 CD
Made in the USA Beach Boys 1986 CD
Licensed to ILL Beastie Boys 1986 CD
Choke Beautiful South 1990 CD
Happiness Beloved 1990 CD
Wonderful Life Black 1987 CD
Hats Blue Nile 1989 CD
Leisure Blur 1991 CD
Parklife Blur 1994 CD
Grace Buckley, Jeff 1993 CD
The Collection Byrds 1987 CD
Tracy Chapman Chapman, Tracy 1988 CD
Some friendly Charlatans 1990 CD
Between 10th and 11th Charlatans 1992 CD
The charlatans Charlatans 1995 CD
Exit Planet dust Chemical Brothers 1995 CD
The Chimes Chimes 1990 CD
Blue bell knoll Cocteau Twins 1988 CD
Christmas with Cole, Nat King 1988 CD
August and everything after Counting Crows 1994 CD
Mixed up Cure 1990 CD
Keep your distance Curiosity killed the cat 1987 CD
White Ladder David Gray 2000 CD
Raintown Deacon Blue 1987 CD
Dead Elvis Death in Vegas 1997 CD
Ultra Depeche Mode 1997 CD
Big Thing Duran Duran 1989 CD
Some Cities Doves 2005 CD
The best of Dylan, Bob 1997 CD
The very best of Eagles 1994 CD
The collection Earth Wind & Fire 1986 CD
Fire Electric Six 2002 CD
Be yourself tonight Eurythmics 1985 CD
Reverence Faithless 1997 CD
Sumday 8am Faithless 1999 CD
Outrospective Faithless 2001 CD
The raw and the cooked Fine young Cannibals 1988 CD
A life with Brian Flowered Up 1991 CD
18 Greatest Hits Gaye, Marvin 1988 CD
Genesis Genesis 1983 CD
Tricks of the Shade Goats 1992 CD
White Ladder Gray, David 2000 CD
Vertigo Groove Armada 1999 CD
Goobye country hello nightclub Groove Armada 2001 CD
Jazzmatazz Guru 1993 CD
Endless Heaven 17 1986 CD
The best of Hot Chocolate 1987 CD
Home Hothouse Flowers 1990 CD
Greatest Hits Human League 1988 CD
Kick INXS 1987 CD
Forever Gold Isley Brothers 1986 CD
Bad Jackson, Michael 1987 CD
Beat Surrender Jam 1977 CD
Gold Mother James 1990 CD
Oil on Canvas Japan 1983 CD
The Collection Japan 2000 CD
Just visiting this planet Jellybean 1987 CD
Blast Johnson, Holly 1989 CD
The Best of Jon & Vangelis 1984 CD
Forever Kool and the Gang 1986 CD
Mama Said Kravitz, Lenny 1991 CD
4 Led Zeppelin 1971 CD
Remasters Led Zeppelin 1990 CD
3 Led Zeppelin 1970 CD
Houses of the Holy Led Zeppelin 1973 CD
Prescence Led Zeppelin 1976 CD
A physical prescence Level 42 1985 CD
Small World Lewis, Huey and the News 1988 CD
Dogs in the Traffic Love and Money 1991 CD
Divine Madness 1992 CD
Fans McLaren, Malcolm 1984 CD
Faith Michael, George 1987 CD
Listen without prejudice Vol 1 Michael, George 1990 CD
Older Michael, George 1996 CD
The best of Milltown Brothers 1997 CD
T.B. Sheets Morrison, Van 1973 CD
The best of Morrison, Van 1990 CD
Substance New Order 1987 CD
Maybe you've been brainwashed too New Radicals 1999 CD
The downward spiral Nine Inch Nails 1994 CD
Nevermind Nirvana 1991 CD
Definitely Maybe Oasis 1994 CD
(Whats the story) Morning Glory Oasis 1995 CD
Hearsay O'Neal, Alexander 1987 CD
My gift to you O'Neal, Alexander 1988 CD
The Middle of Nowhere Orbital 1999 CD
Orbital Orbital 1991 CD
The Altogether Orbital 2001 CD
Blue Orbital 2004 CD
So good Paris, Mica 1988 CD
Ummagumma Pink Floyd 1967 CD
Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd 1973 CD
Wish You were Here Pink Floyd 1975 CD
Animals Pink Floyd 1977 CD
The Wall Pink Floyd 1979 CD
Delicate Sound of Thunder Pink Floyd 1988 CD
The Division Bell Pink Floyd 1994 CD
Steve McQueen Prefab Sprout 1985 CD
From langley park to Memphis Prefab Sprout 1988 CD
Jordan the comeback Prefab Sprout 1990 CD
Purple Rain Prince 1984 CD
Parade Prince 1986 CD
Sign O' the times Prince 1987 CD
Lovesexy Prince 1988 CD
Batman Original Soundtrack Prince 1989 CD
Diamonds and Pearls Prince 1991 CD
Experience Prodigy 1992 CD
Music for the jilted generation Prodigy 1994 CD
Fat of the Land Prodigy 1997 CD
Always outnumbered, never outgunned Prodigy 2004 CD
His 'n' Hers Pulp 1994 CD
Queens of the Stone Age Queens of the Stone Age 2000 CD
Out of Time R.E.M 1991 CD
OK Computer Radiohead 1997 CD
Melody AM Royksopp 2003 CD
Promise Sade 1985 CD
Jennie Bomb Sahara Hotnights 2001 CD
Cupid and Psyche 85 Scritti Politti 1985 CD
Seal Seal 1991 CD
Live in the city of light Simple Minds 1987 CD
Picture Book Simply Red 1985 CD
Men and Women Simply Red 1987 CD
Stars Simply Red 1991 CD
Greatest Hits Sly and the Family Stone 1970 CD
The twelve inch mixes Spandau Ballet 1986 CD
Time waits for no one Staples, Mavis 1989 CD
Remastered, the best of Steely Dan 1993 CD
Language, sex, Violence, Other? Stereophonics 2005 CD
In full gear Stetsasonic 1988 CD
The Stone Roses Stone Roses 1989 CD
Second coming Stone Roses 1994 CD
12 Graciuos Melodies Stone Temple Pilots 1994 CD
Another place and time Summer, Donna 1989 CD
Spirit of Eden Talk Talk 1988 CD
The very best of Talk Talk 1990 CD
Laughing Stock Talk Talk 1991 CD
The Hurting Tears For Fears 1983 CD
Songs from the big chair Tears For Fears 1985 CD
The seeds of love Tears For Fears 1989 CD
Tears roll down Tears For Fears 1992 CD
Elemental Tears For Fears 1993 CD
Bandwagonesque Teenage Fan Club 1991 CD
A Violent impression This Picture 1991 CD
A hundred days off Underworld 2002 CD
Under a Blood red sky U2 1983 CD
The Joshua Tree U2 1987 CD
Rattle and Hum U2 1989 CD
Achtung Baby U2 1991 CD
All that you can't leave behind U2 2001 Cd
Hand on the Torch US3 1993 CD
Give me the reason Vandross, Luther 1986 CD
Bizzarre lovers Various 1987 CD
Chart show Dance hits 87 Various 1987 CD
Rainbow Warriors Various 1987 CD
Rhythm of the Night Various 1987 CD
The house sound of Chicago Various 1987 CD
Go wild in the country Various 1990 CD
Rave Various 1990 CD
Smash Hits Rave! Various 1990 CD
Since Yesterday Various 1991 CD
Souvenir Various 1991 CD
Young at heart Various 1992 CD
Rock & Roll Explosion Various 1996 CD
Shine the best of 1997 Various 1997 CD
The Best Anthems Ever Various 1997 CD
Q 1998:Best Various 1999 CD
CBGBs and the birth of US Punk Various 2002 CD
Q:Rise and Shine the best new music of 2002 Various 2002 CD
The Message: the roots of Rap Various 2002 CD
Urban Hyms Verve 1997 CD
Fisherman's Blues Waterboys 1988 CD
The best of 81 - 90 Waterboys 1990 CD
Heavy Soul Weller, Paul 1997 CD
Fruit at the bottom Wendy and Lisa 1989 CD
Never loved Elvis Wonderstuff 1991 CD
Silk and Steel 5 Star 1986 LP
Asia Asia 1982 LP
Merge Baker, Arthur & the backbeat disciples 1989 LP
Single Life Cameo 1985 LP
Word up Cameo 1986 LP
Seven and the ragged tiger Duran Duran 1983 LP
Arena Duran Duran 1984 LP
Welcome to the pleasuredome Frankie goes to Hollywood 1984 LP
Vital Idol Idol, Billy 1985 LP
Off the wall Jackson, Michael 1979 LP
Human Racing Kershaw, Nik 1984 LP
The Riddle Kershaw, Nik 1984 LP
Legend Marley, Bob 1984 LP
Duck Rock McLaren, Malcolm 1983 LP
Bat out of Hell Meat Loaf 1977 LP
It takes a nation of millions to hold us back Public Enemy 1988 LP
Difficult to cure Rainbow 1981 LP
Roachford Roachford 1988 LP
Once upon a time Simple Minds 1985 LP
The Cage Tygers of Pan Tang 1982 LP
Unforgettable Fire U2 1984 LP
The collection Ultravox 1984 LP
Breakdance the Movie Various 1984 LP
Hip Hop chart busters Various 1987 LP
On the Hot tip Various 1987 LP
On the groove tip Various 1988 LP
Sure Beats Various 1988 LP
Upfront 11 Various 1988 LP
Cool Cuts 1 Various 1989 LP
Cool Cuts 2 Various 1989 LP
Deep Heat 3 Various 1989 LP
On the Chart 1 Various 1989 LP
Fantastic Wham 1983 LP
The Final Wham 1986 LP
No Parlez Young, Paul 1983 LP
Whole lotta rosie AC/DC 1978 07" Single
Lets get it up AC/DC 1981 07" Single
For those about to Rock (We salute you) AC/DC 1982 07" Single
Promotion 75 Argle squad 1975 07" Single
Close to the Edit Art of Noise 1984 07" Single
A taste of aggro Barron Knights 1978 07" Single
Turn up the night Black Sabbath 1980 07" Single
Rat Trap Boomtown Rats 1978 07" Single
I don't like mondays Boomtown Rats 1979 07" Single
I lost my heart to a starship trooper Brightman, Sarah & hot gossip 1978 07" Single
Shake it up Cars 1982 07" Single
Layla Clapton, Eric 1980 07" Single
Down to earth Curiosity killed the cat 1986 07" Single
Tell it to my heart Dayne, Taylor 1987 07" Single
Call Me Diamond Head 1982 07" Single
Tom's Diner DNA ft Suzanne Vega 1990 07" Single
Hit me with your rhythm stick Dury, Ian & the Blockheads 1978 07" Single
The Belle of St Mark E, Sheila 1984 07" Single
New Orleans Gillan 1981 07" Single
Step Off Grandmaster flash & the furious Five 1984 07" Single
Rockit Hancock, Herbie 1983 07" Single
Silver Machine Hawkwind 1972 07" Single
Run to the Hills Iron Maiden 1982 07" Single
The Number of the beast Iron Maiden 1982 07" Single
Say Say Say Jackson & McCartney, Michael & Paul 1983 07" Single
I Love rock n roll Jett, Joan & the Blackhearts 1982 07" Single
Happy Xmas (War is over) John & Yoko + Plastic Ono Band 1971 07" Single
New Song Jones, Howard 1983 07" Single
What is love Jones, Howard 1983 07" Single
Hide & Seek Jones, Howard 1984 07" Single
Stand By Me King, Ben E 1987 07" Single
A world without heroes Kiss 1981 07" Single
Fool in the Rain Led Zeppelin 1979 07" Single
Something about you Level 42 1985 07" Single
Stop the cavalry Lewie, Jona 1980 07" Single
When you ask about love Matchbox 1980 07" Single
Dead Ringer for Love Meat Loaf 1981 07" Single
The Safety Dance Men without hats 1982 07" Single
A different Corner Michael, George 1986 07" Single
Always gonna Love you Moore, Gary 1982 07" Single
Ace of Spades Motorhead 1980 07" Single
Motorhead Motorhead 1981 07" Single
Blue Peter Oldfield, Mike, 1979 07" Single
Dolce Vita Paris, Ryan 1983 07" Single
Message in a Bottle Police 1979 07" Single
You to me are everything Real Thing 1986 07" Single
Hey you the Rock Steady Crew Rock Steady Crew 1983 07" Single
Wheels of Steel Saxon 1980 07" Single
Never Surrender Saxon 1981 07" Single
Alive & Kicking Simple Minds 1985 07" Single
Toccata Sky 1980 07" Single
C'est la Vie Slade 1982 07" Single
Mr Roboto Styx 1983 07" Single
Change Tears For Fears 1982 07" Single
Hollywood (Down on your luck) Thin Lizzy 1981 07" Single
Love potion no 9 Tygers of Pan Tang 1982 07" Single
I need your loving Williams, Alison 1989 07" Single
I wish it could be Christmas Everyday Wizzard 1973 07" Single
If only I could Youngblood, Sidney 1989 07" Single
Ten inches of Fat Fat lady sings 1991 10" Single
The king is here 45 King 1989 12" Single
Beneath the pavements the dancefloor Age of Chance 1986 12" Single
Beat Dis Bomb the Bass 1987 12" Single
Word Up Cameo 1986 12" Single
Wear your love like heaven Definition of Sound 1991 12" Single
Rock the House Duncan, Daryl 1987 12" Single
Move the crowd Eric B and Rakim 1987 12" Single
I found lovin' Fatbank Band 1987 12" Single
Ma and Pa Fishbone 1989 12" Single
Relax Frankie goes to Hollywood 1983 12" Single
Two Tribes Frankie goes to Hollywood 1984 12" Single
Big Fun Gap Band 1987 12" Single
Rock this house Hotline 1986 12" Single
Rebel Yell Idol, Billy 1985 12" Single
Saturday's Angels IF 1990 12" Single
Doing our own dang Jungle Brothers 1990 12" Single
Creatures of the night Kiss 1982 12" Single
What time is love KLF 1990 12" Single
Wild Thing Loc, Tone 1988 12" Single
Market Square Heroes Marillion 1982 12" Single
Unfinished Sympathy Massive Attack 1991 12" Single
Beds are burning Midnight Oil 1989 12" Single
Can you dig it? Mock Turtles 1991 12" Single
Blue Monday New Order 1983 12" Single
Rapping is Fundamental Rapping is Fundamental 1991 12" Single
Break 4 Love Raze 1989 12" Single
Crazy from the Heat Roth, David Lee 1985 12" Single
She's so far away Silk, JM 1986 12" Single
Don't you forget about me Simple Minds 1985 12" Single
You got the Love Source 1991 12" Single
Lost in Music Stereo MCs 1991 12" Single
Roadblock Stock Aitken and Waterman 1987 12" Single
Rapper's Delight Sugarhill gang 1979 12" Single
Can't be sure Sundays 1989 12" Single
Sowing the seeds of love Tears For Fears 1989 12" Single
Apparently nothin' Young Disciples 1991 12" Single
Big Time Gabriel, Peter 1987 CD Single
Wild Night Mellencamp, John & Me'Shell Ndegecello 1994 CD Single
I want your sex Michael, George 1987 CD Single
Head over Feet Morissette, Alanis 1996 CD Single
It never rains in southern California Tony! Toni! Tone! 1991 CD Single

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